Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So, last night at trivia

we won for the sixth time in a row*. This is super exciting because ever since we started this every week trivia-ing in November we've wanted to garner enough wins to be put in the Tournament of Champions that Shanrock's Triviology** does every year. We're potentially a third the way there, and the trivia year starts in February.

As awesome as this is, I fear that we are alienating some of our rivals. Apparently during the smoke break there was some trash talking going on. Sure, we're in it to win it, but really we just go because it is super fun. (Also, because I feel validated in my brain usage when I can answer questions about Paula Abdul correctly.)  Not only does our table laugh a lot amongst ourselves, but we get to mingle with new people. For example, interim Trivia Jock loves Devo. I know this because he complimented the shirt I made for my brother (that he actually wears!) years ago for handmade Christmas. We then chatted about how truly awesome Mark Mothersbaugh and the rest of the Devo gang are.

I'm positive our streak will end some time soon--when one of our very capable opponents rises against us and becomes the greatest underdog narrative known in the pub quiz circles. (But can we talk about how we were the underdogs for a long time? We went from winning two weeks in a row to coming in last, to then three or four weeks in second place.) But for now we've got our trivia mojo working, and I rather like it.

Anyway, we have a full team (we are accepting applications for a new Brian), but if you want to form a rival team, you should come. Tuesdays at the Speakeasy.

* Our first win of this streak was a birthday miracle brought to the Dance Move Burglars by friend Brian who came to trivia on his birthday, what a trooper. He wore a Michigan snuggy that night (and we still sat by him--come to think of it, that might have been the birthday miracle).
**For years Shanrock's trivia nights have been our favorite in town (especially the theme nights, like Mad Men, Sex and the City and The Office). I do like to throw in some Quizissippi every once in a while, but Mississippi Ave seems so far away on a week night.

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