Wednesday, April 25, 2012

late start wednesdays!

When I was in middle school they started this amazing thing where every wednesday students didn't have to come to school until 10:20 (a whole hour later than usual!!!) Something about teachers needing inservice time, blah blah blah.

So, now that I'm back in a middle school setting, I don't get a late start on Wednesdays, but the school day does start a half an hour later than usual. To borrow a phrase from 1993: cool beans! With no meetings to attend or prep work to do, I went to the main office to get my chat on, and ended up on a coffee run. Delightful way to spend twenty minutes if I do say so.

On my way back to the room before I had to meet with a student, I stopped off in the special ed room, just to have a little chat with a few of the most fun people in the school. Anyway, we were talking about bad jokes, and I of course told my all-time favorite joke, "did you hear about the gay midget?"* This lead to one of the teachers going to very old math curriculum that is no longer used, but that she was looking to for activity ideas. She pulled out this sheet:

(Sorry about the terrible image quality -- it's Earth week, so only half of the lights are on in the classroom.) 
Just looking at the letters that were given I immediately cringed. Man oh man--that is terrible.

*he came out of the cupboard.  buh dum pum.


joojierose said...

wait, what the? that is real? i so don't get it.

Michael and Natalie said...

1. The gay midget cupboard joke is my FAVORITE joke ever, followed closely by, "What's the hardest part of learning how to rollerblade? Telling your parents you're gay."
2. That math work sheet may have to be my new favorite joke.