Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I miss about middle school?

A whole lotta nothing.

That being said, I have fun now. Today I helped chaperon a day-time end of quarter party. It was super hilarious. I only sort of danced around like an idiot, mostly I was watching from the wings as the little socially-inept 'tweens stood around.

Favorite thing #1 had to be the geriatric DJ- he was so stoic as he played "I'm Sexy and I know it" and some like six year old* T-Pain action with "Apple Bottom Jeans."
Favorite thing #2 was a little goth-dressed girl getting her jam on to aforementioned songs, and singing along to every word. It was super precious. 

*How is this song still getting serious airplay? It's fun and dancy, but it's been YEARS. I knew this song when I was still back in Provo, (I moved back to P-town at the end of 2007) and my young friends at DA and I would jam out to that and to Hata Blockaz:

(It was that or Rascal Flatts with those kids, and you can bet your sweet, sweet bippy I'll take Acafool and T-Pain over those whiny dudes every time.)


Melinda said...

I too revel in the awkwardness of middle school children. It's very entertaining! And yes, they need better DJ's at school dances.

deanna said...

DA those kids (most of the time).