Friday, April 6, 2012

Pandora's box of awful

Months ago a friend gave me the CD that a previous owner had left in his new car. I listened to it, and it proved to not be my favorite. I told him it was like opening up a Pandora's box of awful, or something along those lines. I promptly gave it back. He liked it a lot more than I did.

This morning, with no middle schoolers in sight, I went to Pandora to get my jam on. I had a plan to create the perfect Molly station. I started with The Ting Tings station I created many moons ago. I decided to add the variety of The Lovin' Spoonful, David Bowie, and Chuck Berry. Pandora didn't like this. It expressed this dislike by continuously playing The Beastie Boys and Nicky Thomas. Sure, they occasionally threw in a Phoenix song here and an Elected song there, but every other song was either Nicky Thomas or The Beastie Boys. I had no idea Nicky Thomas had so many songs! I kept disliking tracks and skipping them, but apparently you can only do that so many times.

To borrow a phrase from Annie, Pandora, you're dead to me. (And by "dead to me" I clearly mean I just x-ed out of that tab.)

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