Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Craftiness.

Since most of my craft projects have found their way to their new respective homes, I'll share some really poor pictures. (After Jen and Adrianna get theirs, I'll post pictures of a few more.)

For little brother, I painted Elvis, James Dean, and Paul Newman on to little onesies.

Partner them with the jeans and little converse I got him, and if he's not cool it won't be my fault.

For cousin, and step siblings, I painted some more little things on t-shirts:

For brother, I painted DEVO onto a yellow shirt.

For cousin and his lady, I did a little Elsie-inspired diptych:

For aunt to protect her manicure, I made these ridiculous things:

For cousin, who is obsessed with zippers and zebras, I made a handbag. It's kind of cute.

I lined it in zebra fabric (and actually wrapped it in the remnant so that if she wants, we can make something else out of the fabric.) and was able to use one of my typewriters to make a little tag out of yellow taffeta.

More to come!!!


deanna said...

I wish I was part of your family...these are so cute!!!

sara said...

love love love. & those yellow dish gloves! ha!

Britt said...

okay everything is amazing, but someday i want to be able to make that purse. you are my hero.