Thursday, April 5, 2012

Is that a compliment?

Tuesday at trivia,* our regular and oh-so-delightful trivia jock was absent. In her place was a trivia substitute who had subbed for her once before and on said previous time, we were less than impressed. In fact it was an evening almost devoid of fun. We left early. My friends and I were trying to gague the situation, so I said I'd ask in a very friendly way, where our usual host was. In the chipperest voice I could muster I asked. He said that she's got some stuff going on and he'd be there for the next few weeks.** After he walked away, my friends confessed that they were shocked by/impressed at my delivery.***

This reminded me of the time when one of my friends, almost apologetically, said that he thought the Arrested Development pilot was funnier with the bleeping of the cusswords than the original unbleeped pilot. I told him I agreed. He was utterly gobsmacked. He went on for minutes about how surprised he was. It's not like I cuss like a sailor. I have no idea why this was so disarming for him.

I also keep getting compared to Casey Wilson's character Penny on Happy Endings. I just got a message from one of these comparers, "Seriously, do you know any of the writers on Happy Endings? Cause last night Penny was so you!" Last night Penny was in a wedding and instead of being seated with her friends or the singles' table, she was seated at the Skype table. The Skype table. Holy Hilar!

Seperately, I'm not that alarmed by any of these. But added up, I'm not sure what to make of these things.

*Dance Move Burglars have officially won the last five weeks in a row! What what!
**He told us this time that he was really hung over. But he was upbeat, verging on charismatic even. So I had to wonder, if this was hungover, what was he last time when he was sedate and tedious? On day two of an ecstasy hangover where he was completely void of serotonin? We will continue to attend for the next couple of weeks as long as homeboy keeps his spirits up. (And by spirits, I don't necessarily mean alcohol, but if that's what you need to be charming, no judgments.)
***I was less chipper to him when he kept referring to my church The Church of Latter-Day Saints. Fact: That's not what its called. Get it right, yo. Especially if you're asking a trivia question about it. It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This isn't new. We believe in Christ as the Savior of the world. Soapbox over.

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