Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.

Because when you share great failures you should always come back with a story of success (it's the American way):

I'm sure you're wondering how a horrible picture of a cheap trophy and a chattering teeth thing symbolizes success. I will explain.

Saturday night, Becky, Shara and I traveled to the near east* (57th & Fremont) for another one of Shanrock's trivia nights - this time, trivia based on the BBC2 office, the NBC office, and the film Office Space, and this time Shannon herself hosted. (As an aside, I would not classify myself as a great fan of the NBC office, but I have seen most of the episodes. I would also not classify myself as very knowledgeable of the BBC office or Office Space, but I did watch them both for the second time before Saturday night.)

Here's the good news, WE WON! (And I am a fan of winning!) We not only won, but we DOMINATED! We were twelve points ahead of second place, and got highest score per capita!

Our good friend Ryan is a huge office fan, but couldn't make it to the triviology because of a wedding or some other trivial (but non-"trivial") commitment, and he sent us a request to have our team name be "You've been shunned!" We of course lied and said we would, but in actuality, our team name, more befitting Shara, Becky and I was, "Damn, it feels good to be a gangster!" (If Ryan asks, please continue the falsity.) The only problem with having the name, "Damn, it feels good to be a gangster" and then getting a perfect score the first round is that it made Shara feel like we were being cocky. Maybe it was the fact that when Shannon said, "Alright, they've got the round. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster!" I responded with, "Damn right it does!" Is that conceited? hehe. We continued to win round after round, with Becky busting out "Hate ball", (and so many other answers), and my little bit of knowledge about the BBC office, like Keith saying, "Men are turned on by what they see, but women are turned on by what they hear," and then guaranteeing more than one orgasm. Shara totally knew that Creed's wallpaper was a woman breastfeeding her baby, but unfortunately we didn't trust it.

Anyway, Shannon gave us the awesome trophy which we will share,the chattering teeth toy like the one Michael has on his desk, and a gift certificate to the pub. She also took our picture and is sending it out her in weekly newsletter! WHAT WHAT!

*not a name of any of the neighborhoods in Portland. We were actually in the neighborhood of Cully. But who's counting?

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errin julkunen-pedersen said...

Winning in Shanrock's presence is something to be proud of. As is the domination. I speak from experience. Our prize was getting to name next week's drink of the week and some Crown Royal bags. Maybe some money? I think we gave the money to the freakydeaky who decided to join our team...