Monday, January 4, 2010

Mine's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

Before I get too deep into this post, I would like to say, I do more than just do pub trivia nights with my friends. (We also enjoy karaoke and 80s dancing. tee hee hee)

Tonight, Chelsie, Becky and I went to the crazy little bar, Ella St. Social Club and played us some Mad Men trivia! Going in, we were not that optimistic - we were aiming for not last place - and I think this is the way to play trivia. As we were waiting for the festivities to start, a couple walked up to us and asked if they could join our team, since the male half of the couple doesn't watch the show. We agreed, because what is trivia if it isn't an inclusive activity? To say that I regretted having them on my team would not be an accurate statement, even though I witnessed them talking about me with judgment multiple times. The girl is a grad student in upstate New York. Here's the funny part, she is getting her doctorate in medieval studies. When I asked her if she frequented Renaissance fairs, she was incensed. (It seemed like a logical progression. And I'm pretty sure she does participate in the medieval romps.) And her non-Mad Men watching companion shared no personal details. We decided as a group to be called the "Relaxicizers." What we did not know was that the team directly next to us decided that that would be their name as well. We found this out when the trivia jock came by to ask names. Why they didn't tell us that they had already chosen that name when they heard us decide on it is beyond me - maybe they stole it from us...we quickly decided to be "Peggy Olson's Bastard Children," a name that solicited chuckles each time it was said out loud.

Suffice it, Peggy Olson's Bastard Children won the Mad Men trivia night! We ended up giving the gift certificate to the bar to the couple who joined our team, even though they were hating on me. And I took home the trophy!! What, what!

I love plastic trophies that validate my knowledge of a tv show that I really enjoy, but have seen the first two seasons about twice each episode and the third season once.

As an aside, this trivia night was at the same club as the AD one that went SO horribly, Kyle was not our trivia jock, it was a cute girl called Margaret who played hardball! She asked tough questions, and knew her stuff. Gold star, Margaret.

P.S. I think you should come trivia-ing with me. Sometimes we win money!

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errin julkunen-pedersen said...

next time i'm in portland, i'm coming. if there's one thing i'm good at, it's tv trivia.