Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have You Heard: Doctor's Orders

One of the like four questions Annie and I got wrong last week at the Sex and the City trivia night was about this song:

Doctor's Orders by Carol Douglas on Grooveshark

I think this song is hilarious, and I will now always remember this song. I will think of Charlotte drunk on the dance floor in Staten Island lip-syncing the words. Even more hilarious.

And just so you know, we did leave with a trophy. And some condoms. That's right, kids, Molly Mormon and her friend Annie, the good little Catholic girl won condoms at a Sex and the City trivia night.

Lest you think we watch this show all the time... I've only seen most of the episodes twice. In college my roommate Kristen got me hooked on the show, but being someone who is far more comfortable with randomness than myself, would rent the DVDs from blockbuster by what they had in stock, not by chronology. I hopped on her SATC train very late, and watched a couple of the seasons with her, thinking I had seen most of it. Years later, I was talking to my friend Becky about our common love of the show and she kept mentioning episodes I hadn't seen. She lent me her set of DVDs and I went through and watched what I previously hadn't seen. Then last year, I asked Bex to borrow them again so I could watch them in chronological order - but confession, I started in the middle of season two, because I really dislike season 1. To prepare for the trivia night I watched seasons one and two again. But narratives just stick in my brain. Books, movies, tv shows. My brain likes stories.

It wasn't a clear domination like it was on The Office and Mad Men. The physical challenge was to give the trivia jock our best Kim Cattrall come hither look, and while both of us couldn't even begin to do that, I earned us points by verbally propositioning her instead.  I quoted Samantha from the episode "The Drought." I won't go in to any more detail than that, but it was super funny.

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