Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pillows ... oh snap!

First there was Lars and the Real girl, a delightful movie starring my Hollywood crush, Ryan Gosling.

Then, this photo was going around the internet:

Then James Franco was on 30 Rock, portraying a fictional (or so he claims hehe) version of himself who was in love with a Japanese body pillow he called Kimiko. It was hilarious, and is available on hulu for another 3 hours.

My dear friend, and source of so many quirky things, Ashley lead me to this video today:

YIKES. (As an aside, did you notice how awkwardly his pillow girlfriend is positioned on the pillow? And did you notice that on the back of the pillow is a redhead. If he did actually marry this pillow, I think he's not only a lonely weirdo, but also a bigamist.)

Then, there was a Huffington Post article about an Etsy seller selling pillow dolls of the Twilight actors.

And you can customize one, with a picture of your "ideal man."


I would like to state that eHarmony and sites like it are successful for a reason.


lulu123 said...

oh no....on so many levels, oh no...

Melinda said...

Haha! That Edward pillow is uber creepy! They should be burned!