Monday, October 26, 2009

Ryan Gosling Day!

I don't have a tremendous amount of time right now, but how about a quick little post to:
1. Big sad face for Shara not being able to get a ticket before it sold out.
2. Big thanks to Becky for coming, you're always willing to be my friend, and I appreciate that.
3. BIG BIG thanks to Analee for making this -

which of course prompted the Dead Man's Bones men to invite me on stage and have the entire audience sing Happy Birthday to me! (and LOTS of "Happy Birthdays" from strangers after the show!) And then I got hugs and kisses from both of these dreamy men:

One of whom happens to be my celebrity crush!!!

Why no, I can't think of a better way to usher in a birthday. In fact, I would say that this has been my GREATEST BIRTHDAY EVER, and my actual birthday isn't until Wednesday! haha. Thanks Analee!! You're so brave and so much fun, and SUCH a good friend! Loves & loves!


julianne rose said...

ok ok ok i just read this and was thinking, wait - i missed it? i missed molly's bday? nooooo and then you confirmed that it was not in fact until the 28th, and i calmed a bit.

but WTF YOU MET RYAN GOSLING AND HE KISSED YOU?!? stop the car that is wondrous. i know your love for dear ryan, and i am thrilled to see your stars aligned for your big day.


Britt said...

SO AWESOME! im smiling right now; so happy for you! what great friends, and such a happy pre-birthday present!!

Peppermint Patty said...

You are so lucky! Happy Birthday!

Jen said...

The sign was a brilliant idea!! I too went to the DMB concert for my birthday and I did manage to score a bday hug, but I love the sign idea too. Weren't they both so sweet and charming. And OMG, Ryan looked so hot in person! Wow!

Melinda said...

Crazy lucky! That's like a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a kiss from your celebrity crush!! And Happy Birthday on Wednesday from me and John. Yes, John does read your blog with me :)

lulu123 said...

your post gave me a heart attack! i am so easily confused that i don't need extra help and i felt like a total loser face for missing your birthday that hasn't even happened yet...on a happier note though: ryan gosling?!!?! who's a lucky girl? molly is that's who.

deanna said...

I L-O-V-E birthdays!