Wednesday, March 31, 2010

karaoke friday

I figured since I told Becky, Shara and Annie that I would write about karaoke on Friday, I'd better get on it, now that it was 5 days ago. Since I don't want to be a negative Nancy, I won't dwell on the fact that the Cheerful Tortoise's new karaoke DJ is kind of lame - Brian, step it up, man. But I do want to share the fact that Becky and I encountered our SECOND Medieval Studies major in a bar. (Remember pretentious angry girl from the Mad Men trivia night?) I missed the first part of Becky's conversation with our new "friend" who was a few too many drinks in - maybe I shouldn't talk as I was polishing off my second coke - but Becky quickly informed me of his major, so I HAD to ask about Renaissance fairs. An excerpt of our conversation -
Molly: So, I have to ask you, do you frequent Renaissance fairs?
Drunk kid: No. Those people are just too in to it.
Molly: And yet that's your chosen course of study?
Drunk kid: They are just TOO in to it. Wearing costumes, traveling around. I mean I have collections of ancient locks and knights armor, but they are just too in to it.
Molly: What was the draw then, to Medieval Studies?
Drunk kid: I had to do it to feed my brain, my imagination. There's a world up there.
Molly: OK. Fair enough.
Drunk kid: So you went to Pacific?
Molly: No.
Drunk kid: PSU?
Molly: No. I went to BYU.
Drunk kid: OOOOHHHHHHH BYU! What did you study?
Molly: Media Arts - film.
At which point I was about through with our conversation, so I changed seats to "look at the karaoke binder".
Later, Becky remarked that it is that sort of patience that will get me into Heaven. I don't know about that, but how could I not try to understand a little bit about someone SO different from myself?

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Birgitte said...

i love it!!! oh swords and quills :)