Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In my trunk.

today, as i got home from work, i had the strangest grouping of items in my trunk and i had to photograph it.

-1 spare tire
-1 pink sparkly hula hoop
-1 basket of car supplies - extra oil, tools, normal car things.
-1 blue sweater
-1 pink tool belt
-1 long board
-1 set of bongo drums
-1 balance board
-20 upholstery springs
-1 dismantled easel
-1 band saw
-1 unfinshed monster mask
-1 empty water gallon container
-1 pair of mud caked marc jacobs wellies
-3 books: the book of mormon, eating animals by jonathan safran foer, and the new york regional mormon singles halloween dance by elna baker

what's in your trunk right now?


deanna said...

Home is where your trunk is?
I don't know where my trunk is...literally. sad face.

julianne rose said...

je don't have a trunk, someone stole it in dc. and not funny, it totes had my temple bag in it. i mean honestly.

whitney allison said...

I can honestly tell you nothing but a spare tire and a stoller.

Not nearly as entertaining as your trunk...

beckie said...

How is eating animals?

Stroller, bag of charcoal, bag of costumes that we used at girls camp 9 months ago (!) two hand made scarves, a pair of wedges and twine. My dad says you should always have twine in case you have to strap something to your car.