Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tony and Adrianna's Wedding crafts!!

Last night I went to Tony and Adrianna's wedding. It was a totally delightful time. Since they are off in honeymoonland now, I can FINALLY share some of the wedding related crafts we made on our crafty friend dates! All of these images are from my iPhone.

We painted a humongous H and made a cake gift card receiver, we stole the idea from the DIY section of that marvelous website, oncewed.

Then, my favorite things ever, oh my gosh.

Sure, the venue had table numbers, but who needs those when you could have these little beauties. I kind of loved them, especially the glorious font of the numbers. I was going to let Adrianna take all of the credit for those things, but she told everyone that I helped to make them. How gracious of her.

And finally, my gift to them,

I cut out their profiles, or a reasonable approximation of them, out of wood, painted them black and added a little hanger doodad on the back. Fingers crossed that they aren't freaked out by them. haha.


Melinda said...

Those are all awesome! Especially the silhouettes. John thought the Tony head was especially recognizable. Glad you were able to attend their actual wedding.

exclusive_remedy said...

Oh man, those profiles you made are super cute! You are just too crafty. Love it. Also, she showed me the table numbers before the wedding, but seeing them on the tables that night made them all the more better. Such a great idea! You (and Adrianna) rock!

deanna said...

If I ever get married, I want you to come to it. Not that you have to give me a cool present like this one if you did come. No pressure. Wait...did I just talk about myself and marriage in the same sentence?! I'm just gonna stop now.