Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Books and Sheep

A while back I was asked for a book recommendation from a long-term acquaintance. I had no idea what to tell him, not knowing his attention span, tastes, or where on the conservative/liberal spectrum he landed. (Although I'm never good with recommendations because my own tastes are so varied and I like just about everything. hahaha) So, I stammered and had nothing to say to this person, and left feeling like a total moron. Without any sort of plan for future encounters of that sort, I will share with you one of my favorite books. It is called, "Shellville High School: The Blade" by Don Novello, published in 1984, and now out of print. Since it is out of print, and since it's a fake high school year book starring sheep, I thought I should share a couple of images with you to inspire you to track it down at a library.

The caption on this says, "L-R: Betty Fulton

The caption: "In parachuting, waiting is the hardest part," says Skydive Club President Merv Moss. "Sometimes it takes hours for those strings to break."

This book is truly hilarious. I even carted it 3,000 miles to share with Ashley, because it is that funny.

I'm not going to go out of my way to like, hang out with a sheep, but I like them fine. I found this slide at an amazing repurposing store in Portland, called SCRAP, and I had to buy it because sheep aren't the funniest thing in the picture, but they sure are there in a major way. I tried to send it to Ashley via text, and it didn't work very well. So Ashley, this is mostly for you.

Why yes, that is a man posing with taxidermied sheep.

Want more sheep? Have you heard of Shaun the Sheep? It's kind of delightful. And it kind of reminded me of that Jemaine Clement sheep video, The Pen.


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are we to assume there was a larger dishonorable society somewhere?

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