Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Picture Post

Confession: I just synched my iPhone's photos for the first time since before I went to New York to visit Jen. In early March. So here are some poorly lit photos of things that I felt the need to document these past months.

1. I love making fun of vanity plates--especially those which describe the person who feels the need to get a vanity plate.

 2. Hands down, the creepiest puzzle piece I have ever seen: 

3. It was a sad day for Portland.

4. This sign would be something I would do if I were in local government. Sometimes 10 minutes is too short of a time period and 15 is just too long.

5. That's what she said? Gross.

6.  What is more disconcerting than a bunch of mannequins? (Especially the armless ginger kid one with a smile straight out of a horror film.) (Although, I bet these kids have great parties when they come to life at night, à la Today's Special and Mannequin.) (I really like parentheses.)

7. Apparently this is a consequence of a fun-filled weekend with Reem in town.

8. Riding in cars with Shara. I'm short, I don't need any leg room. It's fine.

9. One stop shopping defined--as found in The Oregonian.

10. I'm not sure what makes me most uncomfortable about this picture, the tiger rug or the naked man's beehive. Toss up.

11. I am very troubled by this as well. I love it when people anthropomorphize animals and then eat them, but this goes further: all the way to sexualization. Always keepin' in classy!

12. This is also classy. Specifically since I found it in my grandparents' cabinet. Classy and awkward.

13. You didn't know I was such a bad ass, did you? (Please disregard the logic that if I were actually going 88 and not 2 MPH the photo would be super blurry.)

14. Because I'm not a huge fan of the scent I would never buy it. I was going to steal this from my grandmother's collection because it is such a classic. Apparently, my cousin didn't like that plan and "accidentally" dropped it, along with the rest of grandmother's perfumes. This is the only one I was interested in. It is the only one that broke. I'm not bitter, Jill, really. 

15. A student and I spent about three periods one week working on this puzzle as a geography review, only to find out at the very end we were missing several pieces. What is happening with Greece and surrounding countries?? Where are Ecuador and Chile supposed to be? I guess we'll never know. Thanks for nothing jigsaw puzzle!


joojierose said...

that one-stop shopping killed me. if only we all lived in that world where those were our needs! hehehe

Shara said...

Wait a minute....are you trying to tell me my heels don't belong by the blender? Mind. Blown.