Thursday, November 14, 2013


Recently some of my friends and I discovered that we had not been karaoke-ing since Shara's birthday in April. That adventure took place at a kooky bar at the coast that was h.o.p.p.i.n.'. Sometimes I am not good at making decisions. It took me about 40 minutes with one of the karaoke song books to pick out "I'll Be There" by the Jackson 5. Come on, Molly! My friends who are so patient and kind were starting to get a little frustrated with me, so much so that they suggested maybe I should pick out a song and just have it ready for the next time we go.

I have very specific karaoke song criteria, which is how it takes me 40 minutes to choose one mediocre song.
  1. Song cannot be too long. No "American Pie." No "Free Bird"
  2. Song must not have longer than 4 measures of instrumental business at a time. Long guitar solos are awkward.
  3. Song can't be too repetitive, especially at the end. It should end cleanly. ("Midnight Train to Georgia," I'm looking at you.)
  4. I must know the song. ("Motownphilly" burned me before.)
  5. Song must be popular enough that people know it, but not so popular that everyone ever knows all of the words and/or are sick of it. 
  6. I have to sound at least pretty good singing it.
So, it took some time, but I decided I would perform one of my favorite songs, "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen at our next karaoke outing. Then Rebel Wilson decided to sing it for her TV show (is it still on?) and now I'm out of luck. Thanks unfunny blonde Australian! We planned a karaoke outing for tomorrow, and I have to come up with some ideas in the next 24 hours.

Pat Benatar? Bruno Mars? Ke$ha? Nancy Sinatra? The BeeGees? The options are literally endless.   I only know that I'm not allowed to do Melanie's "Brand New Key."  Man oh man. My life is so hard.

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Britt said...

Oh, no! Were you able to come up with something in time? When we went to do karaoke, I was equally overwhelmed, and ended up finding a "Top 100 Karaoke Songs" list that helped a little. I still left unsatisfied, though.