Sunday, November 10, 2013

Don't do Molly.

Ever since Miley's "We Can't Stop" it seems like Molly (mdma) is everywhere. I mean I know that it has been around for years, but now it seems to be everywhere. I don't think it helps that I have gone to a few shows recently of DJs where kids think it is a rave and bring their glow sticks, pacifiers,  fuzzy boots, and various levels of scantily clad-ness, along with their drugs.

At the first show, Zedd, a few weeks ago Shara, Paul, Jeremy and I were just there to get our dance on. I don't think Shara and I knew what we were getting ourselves in to. I kept asking Paul questions about these kids making poor life decisions. "Why do they have pacifiers?" "What's with the vicks vapor rub?" I think it was a fascinating anthropological experience* for Shara and I, almost like a modern day Dante's Inferno--we were getting a guided tour of at least one level of hell.** The one thing about Paul versus Virgil as a tour guide is that when you ask him, "what's the deal with the lights?" he gets a creepy guy with a mirrored mask, a fuzzy hat and glowy gloves to come do the glowy hands thing in my face. Shara got her phone and recorded the whole thing. It was hilarious. I didn't want to be rude, but I also didn't want to extend the agony any longer than necessary, so I pandered to him. After what seemed like an eternity, he took off his mask and had the most self-congratulatory face, "you're welcome." "Thanks."

At one point, Shara and I were sitting down hydrating and we couldn't hear each other without shouting, so we texted back and forth what has probably been the funniest text conversation in quite some time. Mostly it was talking about the people doing edibles, or being gross, or crazy.

I say fascinating anthropological experience, and I mean it. Truthfully, before this happened, I'd never seen coke in real life, let alone see someone spill a bunch on the ground, and still consider ingesting some of it. Ground cocaine is the best kind of cocaine, I guess. When Paul and Shara told me about another concert on Saturday night, I was game. Shara and I were armed with light up rings, and ready to get our jumping up and down on. The crowd at this show, maybe because it was 21+, was way classier.*** There were about 5 people dressed like rave kids (all who were older than me,) and then a hundred others just there to get their dance on.  Way more awesome.

At both shows, there was a lot of joking about my name.**** Shara and I thought we heard someone else who's name was Molly, and I said, "let's talk to her!" so Shara yelled out "Molly!" in close proximity a few times, and she did not turn around, so she was either really not paying attention or it was people talking about drugs. Don't do drugs.

Paul sent me this in my spotify inbox and I laughed heartily. The lyrics are typical Molly talk, both of me and the drug. It speaks only of the fun times, and not of the debilitating lack of serotonin the drug and I leave you with for days afterward.

*I took notes. Literally. One guy had a huge tattoo on each of his arms. One arm said, "When you are suffering" then the other said, "know that I have betrayed you." Classy.  And at one point, I started clapping, and then as if by magic, (or mob mentality, the two are so intertwined) the hundreds of other people in this venue were clapping with me. People... what are you going to do with them?
**Does that sound like I'm condemning those people?
***Excluding one specific group: one guy, three girls. The girls would cycle through, one at a time and grind all over the guy. At first we were confused, then we quickly realized they must be in a polygamous relationship. 
****No Irish prostitute talk this time. Just drugs.

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