Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I came to the conclusion in September when something truly mortifying happened to me at work, that I was thrilled to be working at a middle school simply for the reasoning that in a middle school, all of the students are even more self-conscious and self-obsessed than people generally are, and chances are pretty good they won't pay any attention to the embarrassment that is befalling someone else, at least not for very long.
I was reminded of this item to be added to my things for which I am grateful list today, when right after lunch I was playing on an indo board--I should back up. We decided to do a science experiment with different kinds of balance boards, one for skateboarding, one for snowboarding and one for surfing. I am the owner of the one for snowboarding, and am pretty good at that. I'm not someone who falls off of stuff, generally. I never fell on ice skates or roller skates or my bike. I'm not saying I never fall down. One time in college I fell down walking in a cross walk. I slipped on/tripped over...oh that's right nothing. I just fell down, as some cars stopped to let me cross. It was hilarious.* But back to today, I hopped on this made for surfing indo board, and was playing around, started talking to some of the kids, and got distracted from the fact that it was significantly taller than I was used to and crashed to the ground. I immediately got back on, because there were so many people in this room I couldn't not.

I'm fine, my shoulder, hip and ego are bruised, but I'm fine. It was pretty funny. And it didn't hold a candle to the truly mortifying thing from September, which I will never document ever, don't even ask. I will however tell you, so you can laugh at me if you want, if you ask nicely.

*For everyone else.

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Deanna Watson said...

I like to just stand up and bow when things like that happen. I practice my gymnast olympic pose.
PS I'm a sell out on my blog lately, but this one made me think of you for some reason: