Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brandi Carlile you can do better.

I have long loved terrible music videos, and long felt compelled to share the terrible. Those are about to converge.

I have recently started watching The Good Wife- which I have to say is much better than I had reason to believe it was, seeing as it is on the same network that airs the predictable procedurals in their many "re-imaginations"* NCIS and CSI's and the unqualified disasters 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men, but I digress. The soundtrack to The Good Wife is not terrible. Music isn't used in the story in a huge way, unsurprisingly enough for a court room drama, but every once in a while they pepper in a song, and sometimes it is a song that I would listen to without the promise of Matt Czuchry.

One such song was Brandi Carlile's cover of "Heaven"-- after a quick look on IMDb to find it, I looked on spotify. It wasn't there. I then googled it, and this video was practically the only thing that came up. It is so unbelievably terrible-- you really should watch it. And after you do, will you please explain the story line to me?

I am at a loss. A girl dresses up as a terribly costumed circa Like A Virgin Madonna, writes a message and sends it-presumably across a vast distance=via a poorly constructed paper airplane and a most unenthusiastic chuck. It reaches a man who irons meticulously and combs out his disgusting ZZ Top beard, only to go NFL super-fan and rip his shirt off in the middle of what looks to be a hotel conference room. To say nothing of the terrible acting, the melodrama is palpable. What is happening? I don't get it.

*Does moving a concept to a different city count as a re-imagination?

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Michael and Natalie said...

I got through 38 seconds and simply had to stop. It's a joke, right? RIGHT???