Monday, November 4, 2013

Les voisins gênant: Reality Check

A few weeks back, one of my grandparents' neighbors saw me at their house, chatted me up and invited me over for a "reality check." Immediately I regretted not being quite skilled enough with my evasive maneuvers and able to avoid the entire interaction. Then I thought, "I'm an overly anxious 30 year old with health issues, no career, working in a job that isn't even close to what I want to do with my life, being hit on by at 36 year old who's never not lived in his parents' basement, did not (to my knowledge) get a degree and who has at least one illegitimate child. That's quite enough reality for me, thank you." Out of curiosity I asked him, "what do you mean by a reality check?" He came back with, "a whiskey or tequila." I thanked him, declined and told him, "it's not as bad as all that," and went back inside. 

Sometimes I feel badly about wanting to avoid certain people and interactions. But only sometimes.