Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Mormon Trivia

So last Thursday for our Relief Society activity, my friend Joanna and I put together a little trivia night. It was actually super fun.

One of the sections of questions were like unto Wheel of Fortune's Before and Afters.  At first we thought of doing this with hymn titles, but have you ever tried to write trivia questions about hymns? It gets a little tricky. So we didn't use those, but they were super clever. (Mostly because Joanna is super clever.)
  • Now Let us Rejoice the Lord is King
  • Angels we have Heard on High on a Mountain Top
  • Love at Home can be a Heaven on Earth
  • I am a Child of God be With you 'til we Meet Again

So, we came up with other Before and Afters to actually ask questions about. To you I will pose these questions.

1. The name of 2002 "Mollywood" film or the kind of congregation we are in coupled with the father's name on "Leave it to Beaver" played by Hugh Beaumont.

2. A 1969 church-produced film about the starting of the Young Women's Retrenchment Society coupled with the sitcom which aired from 1963-1970 about the goings on at the Shady Rest hotel in Hooterville about Bradley sisters Bobbie Jo, Billie Jo and Betty Jo.

3. Popular Beatles' single from 1964's A Hard Day's Night or a Patrick Dempsey movie from 1987 coupled with the title of the hymn that follows the line, "There is beauty all around when..."

4. In Primary, what you saw when you looked out the window coupled with a popular concept in religion, philosophy and mythology - in our religion it is described by Lehi, also the name of a 2011 Brad Pitt film directed by Terrence Mallick.

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John said...

1. Singles Ward Cleaver
2. ?
3. Can't Buy Me Love at home
4. Popcorn popping on the apricot Tree of Life