Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foam rubber 40 gallon size hat

I've been trying to find an awesome sounding stylish looking way to listen to/dock ET or Lucille 2 (iPhone and iPod respectively) since my cat Scout chewed the wires to my speakers about a year ago. I keep dreaming of something like the Yamaha tsx-120 in white.

But I don't love how it is $350.00. So I put it in my amazon wish list and occasionally go visit, see if it is cheaper, try to find another pretty solution to my issue, then realize that this is a want not a need and go on with nothing purchased. Recently, on one such visit to my wish list, I discovered something about this little guy that I had no idea was even a possibility. Talk about multi-faceted!

Not only is it a speaker/alarm clock/radio what not, but it is also a foam rubber 40 gallon size hat with contrasting star and band! Who needs a ghetto blaster when I have a speaker hat? To say I am excited by this development would be an gross understatement.

1 comment:

Melinda said...

Ha! That is awesome! And the Yamaha sound system looks way cool too!