Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Actual Journal Entry: December 17, 2005

I used to have a mind that would remember everything, (and I would document it all). Either my brain is faltering (which is totally the case) or I subconsciously decided I didn't need to remember every detail about every little thing. Now a days, well, the old grey mare she ain't what she used to be. I went scouring through a couple of my old journals tonight looking for a specific entry, which I didn't come across, but I did find a whole lot from 2005 that, had I not been reminded of it happening, I would have completely forgotten and not been worse for it. This is one of those instances. It is so Jr.-High-ridiculous it's sad:

7:35am - In the Sky
Last Friday I was training this new girl Lindsay at the Good Earth ... She decided Mason and I were either already dating and hiding it, or that a romance was blossoming before her very eyes! Now, I know I have a soft spot for charmingly egotistical republicans -- I've been trying to rid myself of this serious character flaw since the Republican moved away -- but this guy, no. He goes to UVSC and has a bone to pick with me simply because I'm from Oregon. Anyway, I laughed off Lindsay's claims, but she just kept saying, "you guys just have a lot of chemistry." As we were counting out I told Liz, and apparently Liz decided that Mason should know. The next time I saw him, Mason said, "So we have chemistry, huh?" "Well I don't think so, at least not with each other." We spent a few minutes laughing and talking behind the manager's desk, and apparently that was all it took for every other employee at the store to decide that we were in fact in a relationship. By Tuesday it was a well-known fact that we were an item, and apparently he and I are adding fuel to the fire by admitting our couple status and then making up bold-faced lies to support the fictitious claims. The fact that I hugged Aaron good night at the store-- and oh looks I got when Randy walked up to me yesterday and said, "embrace me." If these kids only knew it was Randy I was with until three Thursday night, not Mason. Also, pretty sure Randy's gay.


After I got off of work last night I sent Nephi a message asking him what he was doing. He responded with such a great text; I'll document it once we've landed and I can turn my phone on again (yes, I remembered to bring my phone this time, and yes, it is still functioning quite well despite its trip through the washing machine.) It was something like, "I'M WRITING. That's as monolithic as I can make that appear. One guess as to whether monolithic was in my cell's predictive text." I told him I needed to give him Arrested season one before I head home. Just in case it proves to be too off-color for him to enjoy, I also lent him Chuck Dugan is AWOL, which is a total boy book. He and Rick came over to hang out with Jen and I. Nephi, like the good egg he is, left at curfew, and then Rick came to my room to chat while I packed. I just adore those guys! (And, I'm pretty confident that they know nothing about the crazy "Life as a House" activities Randy was telling me about that take place in that park by I-15. Not gay.)  Anyway, while we were talking, Rick told me to stop being so concerned with "leagues." I told him I'd stop thinking leagues were the sole way the world functions as soon as the gas station stops being the place where I get the most attention from men. 

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