Sunday, January 15, 2012

Put a Bird on It!

Sometimes people are so wholly converted to an idea that they cannot help but try to share that idea with everyone they come in contact with. I can be still no longer.

While birds were exhaustively trendy last year,* when Carrie and Fred said, "Put a bird on it," by "it" they didn't mean nappy trying-to-be-sexy-messy-bun-but-really-just-unkempt hair. And they certainly didn't mean a 3 dimensional bird swiped from a wreath of artificial flowers bought at Michael's.  

Also, Portlandia isn't funny.

*Birds are over. So are fake mustaches on sticks.


Lindsey Briggs said...


Melinda said...

Yes, down with the mustache sticks and messy bird's nest buns!