Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Putting a call out.

Tonight at our pub quiz outing, I learned that there is a Sex and the City themed trivia night on Wednesday, Jan 18th here in Ptown. I informed my usual tv show trivia buddy Becky that we would be attending based on our mutual love of the show. She said she couldn't because she'd be out of the country for work. That is an acceptable excuse, but I am bummed. I am totally willing to go alone, but I feel like there has to be someone else out there in my life who has an appreciation of this show. It would be way more fun to go with a friend. While I totally scored 100% Stanford Blatch (twice!) years ago on an SATC character quiz, I'm not necessarily prepared to be his brand of lone wolf for a trivia night. (Although I will be wearing head to toe lime green*, and making quippy bitchy comments. I love Stanny - but 100% TWICE?) "Who's that weird girl sitting all by herself getting all of the answers right?**" or worse "No you may not join our group." So, please let me know if you if you like this show, have ever watched this show, or would be willing to be my friend and sit by me for 90 minutes or so downtown whilst I go in to "Competition Molly" mode.

*I will not be wearing head to toe lime green.
**I can't promise a trophy, but I will say that I've gotten trophies at two out of the three*** tv show themed trivia nights I've attended. Also, I really know this show. Don't you want a trophy??

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joojierose said...

dang i would SO go with you if i were in your hemisphere. bah!!