Thursday, December 22, 2011

My question is this:

How is it that out of all of my friends who troll the internet with a tenacity and stamina I'll never come close to reaching, and then email me whenever there's something new featuring Ryan Gosling, that I had to find this by a complete fluke of click click clicking away on the internet looking for something else? Drunk History* and Ryan Gosling are two of my very favorite things.

F MINUS, friends!**

In other news, I'm suddenly in to the Christmas season a lot more than I was earlier.
Wayne Coyne helped too. 

* Remember when I told you to watch the Drunk History series on October 18, 2008?
**Actually, F Minus me for never knowing about ANYTHING that is happening on this interweb without one of you lovely people telling me about it first.***
***Why yes I did put that in a footnote that no one reads.

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deanna said...

All I want to know is why is Ryan Gosling spooning Eva Mendes and NOT me?!