Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Three ridiculous apps I am borderline addicted to.

1. On Thanksgiving, my friend Casandra told me about a hilarious app called iPity. It is a bunch of soundbites from Mr. T. Hilarious. My two favorites:
2. Then a couple days later, when I got to hang out with Shara back from Texas for a few days, I told her to download Flipadelphia so that I could go head to head against someone. We were having so much fun, that I persuaded Ryan to also download it. Thanks to the powers of bluetooth and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I am now worse at flipcup than Shara and Ryan both in real life and virtually. But words cannot describe the hilarity that ensues when all of a sudden Danny DeVito shows up on the screen and says, "get lost, street rat!" interrupting your streak of flips. So good.

3. Lastly, Shara introduced me to TriviaTunes. Shara, Becky and I played and it is SO enjoyable I can hardly stand it. I have tried playing by myself, but it's just WAY more fun when it's a competition against other people. So the next time you see me, let's play! Please? I have 70s, 80s, 90s, and TV Theme songs - if you want to win, you'd better challenge me to the 90s or else have super fast tapping reflexes.

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