Friday, July 1, 2011


I received this little card in the mail yesterday from my favorite and my best Ashley. She just got back from a globetrotting excursion all over Asia. When I saw this card, I initially thought that Ashley must have had a run in with some elephants, kind of like Analee and I had in South Africa last year. (Did I forget to tell you all about that? Well, we made it out alive, and that was a feat.) When I opened the card, I read and discovered the reason for the elephants on the front of the card. Her life was not jeopardized by elephants this time, thank goodness. In that she and her card made me giggle insensibly, I thought I should share what a clever, clever girl she is.

Her message read:

My dearest Molly, 
It is for you, my dear friend, that I bestow this wondrous gift. Why is it so wonderful you ask? It's just recycled paper you say. But AU CONTRAIRE!! It is made from elephant dung. That is right. I am writing to you on recycled poop. Now some people may dedicate their lives to engineering new cures for cancer or other life threatening diseases. But THANK HEAVENS for the good people of Thailand who have discovered this incredible feat! Without it, I wouldn't be able to express my sheer fondness of you. Fondness that can only be expressed...scatologically. 
Love, Shlee

I love this girl!

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Melinda said...

Pure awesomeness! I think I need a pack of those.