Sunday, July 10, 2011

Progress thy name is moulding.

Have you ever talked to someone about what you are doing with your life, and just knew they were judging and pitying you and your choices? This happened to me twice today. It reminded me of when I would tell people that I was a film major, and then they'd inevitably ask, "what are you going to do with a degree in film?" And I'd respond full of vinegar and bitterness, "A whole lot more than you'd do with it!" (That is absolutely what I was thinking every time, but I don't think I ever actually said it. Although with my lack of niceness and tact, I'm kind of surprised I never did.) (Also, I'm pretty sure I was the only person who ever read the NYT article on media literacy and film majors. Certainly all of the people who haven't hired me haven't read it. Perhaps I should put it on the back of my résumé?)

The two conversations today were each with super nice acquaintances, playing a game of catch-up, who I think were just doubting what I am doing with my life - not unlike myself. But because I'm needy and require validation, I will share here what I have been up to for the past couple of days.  (And for my dear friends who claim I don't share enough of my projects on here, here you go: proof that I am productive.)

A few weeks ago, Shara and Adam helped me cut up a ton of MDF (4 sheets actually) with my dad's table saw - we took a few sheets of 1/8th inch MDF and cut strip after strip to a few different widths. How many strips? LOTS! Then using a router, I made some more baseboards. I spent about 9 hours hanging the mouldings, (my nail gun and I went through about 1,000 finish nails. um. wow.) and then another day and a half priming and painting.

It all needs another coat of paint, and then a potentially-super-awesome-and-colorful treatment for the wall above the moulding.  And I need to paint out the window frames and doors also, but progress has been made. While I may not know what I'm doing with my life, I do know what I'm doing with the next couple of days.


Britt said...

Yayyy for pictures! Boooo for judging. And, guess what: I don't know what I'll be doing for the next few days; having "it" "all figured out" isn't all it's cracked up to be. YOU are so talented!!

Birgitte said...
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Birgitte said...

wow- looks great, where in the house is this?