Sunday, July 17, 2011

Men in short-sleeved white buttondowns

I may or may not be writing this from Sunday School at our regional YSA conference. (I think it is a given that I'm going to Hell, so I feel like I should just be honest with you.)
I have seen a higher number of men wearing short-sleeved white button down shirts this weekend than I have ever in my life. I would just like to encourage all men who are not on missions in tropical places or Homer Simpson to get rid of these unflattering things. It is infinitely more attractive to roll up long sleeves than to wear a short-sleeved shirt. I'm just trying to help.
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deanna said...

i second and third this motion

Melinda said...

This made me laugh! John and I were just discussing this when trying to pick out clothes for family pictures. Rolled sleeves are much better!

beckie said...

you're not going to hell. If you were, you wouldn't have even bothered to go to the conference.

Seriously about the sleeves. Unless it is a casual western inspired shirt you wear with jeans from the GAP, long and rolled is way better.