Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wait, I'm Sorry. What? What is this?

I could not turn away from the four minutes of train wreck that is James Franco's new music video, made with a drag queen friend of his. I am so very confused by this. I think maybe homeboy should remove a few hyphens from his job title if this is the kind of stuff he's going to be pumping out.

This video makes every other bad music video I ever berated seem like the most logical and engrossing videos ever committed to film. Especially:

(Except, I still stand by this as awesome.)

James, friend, just because the technology is so accessible does not mean you need to utilize it.


joojierose said...

i have to think this is a joke. i mean, really? really?

and have you seen romeo and juliet by dire straits? O.M.G. stop the car and please watch. (though knowing you you probs have already seen it heheh)

Shlee said...

first of all, james franco needs to be stopped. he's out of control. and that drug-induced video where his face is visible in the background talking makes me uncomfortable.

as for zlad, i give him 2 points for his lyrics.