Wednesday, October 7, 2009

As requested: the bathroom mini-reno in detail:

I got so many emails telling me how much you approved of the new bathroom. Thank you so much for your validation! You guys are too good to me. Here, for your inquiring minds are some detail shots of my handiwork. As you all know, I am no photographer, (especially since I irreversibly messed with my point and shoot - oops)

What you've seen:

The mirror I made:

It's so so so simple to make frames. I saw a similar mirror at a few stores for lots and lots of dollars, mine cost about 10 dollars to make. That includes a $5 garage sale mirror, $4 of reclaimed wood, some left over MDF from my coffee table project last year, some screws and about $2 of reclaimed wood for a french cleat to hang it.

The light someone threw away. haha. Not really, they donated it.

The faucet I am in LOVE with:

The marbleized porcelain tiles I found at the Habitat store. It's the look of marble with a fraction of the carbon foot print! Who doesn't love that?

I love cup pulls.

My mother loves tropical, beachy settings. She was born in Key West, and the fact that we spent most of our summers in Hawaii when I was a kid, I understand where the draw comes from. She also leans toward the traditional as far as design aesthetics go. So I tried to cater to both of those things, and go for a coastal/colonial look, and use our collections of sands and shells from our travels.

And then I made these ridiculous little prints on left over raw silk from Brittney's art project, to continue the theme.


Britt said...

i can't pick a favorite 'cause it's all the bomb dot com. you truly have a gift molly!

deanna said...

There is a new pizza place called Terra Mia in Orem that I discovered. They have the coolest sinks. I think next time I'll go there just to use the restroom!

Michael and Natalie said...

Good for you girl, good for you!

beckie said...

Molly Louise! This is excellent, so excellent that I wished you lived here still and I wasn't renting. Enough said.

Shlee said...

Holy Crap! This is Amazing!