Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Craigslist is so funny.

I've been looking for a wrought iron bed recently, and craigslist is one of the places I look pretty regularly. Yesterday in my search I found an ad posted by someone I know. One of the sentences from the ad is as follows, "I love this bed!! It is heavy, sturdy and gorgeous. If I had a room for it or even a grand daughter or guest room there is no way I would sell it. It is awesome."
This person has 4 grand daughters and at least 3 guest bedrooms. I'm just saying...

For reasons I won't share on the interweb, I decided to look and see if I recognized anyone in the "men seeking women" section... I did not recognize anyone, but I did find a couple of HILARIOUS posts that I just had to share:

Are you what I've been looking for? - 23 (Portland)
Date: 2009-10-13, 3:34PM PDT

I've been searching all my life...

I need a lesbian, nazi, hooker, abducted by a ufo, and forced into a weightloss program...

Don't make me wait any longer!

and of course the predictable:
Semi athletic but shy young man seeks playful cougar for passion - 30
(sw portland)
Date: 2009-10-13, 3:54PM PDT

Im a semi athletic and healthy and disease free, single 30 year old man with my own place here in downtown portland, im 5'10 with blue eyes and brown hair, fit body and 175 lbs, with a 7 inch [CENSORED].

Married or not, but age doesnt matter to me.

Im athletic, romantic, educated at PSU with a bachelors degree, I have a job, love coffee, drinks, movies, and sex!!!!!

Suffice it to say, I replied to both of those ads.


Britt said...

i hope you nominated the first one for best of craigslist. man, i could look at those all day.

deanna said...

who doesn't love those things?! duh.

lulu123 said...

oh craigslist...so very insightful.

beckie said...

molly, you probably don't hear this enough but sometimes you're the best part of my morning. Period.

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