Friday, October 9, 2009

For your consideration:

Some amazings, some funs, and some pretties:

Tuesday, Dead Man's Bones' LONG AWAITED (at least by Analee & I) debut album came out. I am IN LOVE WITH IT! I'm not usually a girl that goes for the creepy/zombie thing, but this album kicks! It brings a smile to my face, and I've been listening to it practically non-stop since Tuesday. (I even took it in to my facial appointment on Tuesday so my aesthetician/cousin Julia could hear it!) Key tracks: Lose Your Soul (musical perfection + pure sex!), In The Room Where You Sleep, and Paper Ships. Go HERE to download the delightful My Body's a Zombie for you for FREE!!!

Oh did I forget to mention that Ryan Gosling & Zach Shields are the cute boys behind Dead Man's Bones? Did I also forget to mention that they are coming to Portland on the 25th?!? Happy [early] Birthday to me!

Um, this cute girl made my whole day:

This is my favourite and my best:


Two new TV shows that I LOVE:

Man Shops Globe - It follows the found objects buyer for Anthropologie, Keith Johnson, as he finds awesome stuff, like this amazing bed, which I am now trying to figure out how to justify buying:

And, Bored to Death. It is HBO's version of Murder She Wrote for the hipster demographic. It is delightful.

And how about a shout out? This lovely lady, one of my favorite people, has a new website up for her beautiful photography! She is such a talented person, and her portraits are intriguing and beautiful. Look:

SO CHARMING! P.S. Lindz, is the uber talented girl who made this poster-sized picture of me out of construction paper many, many moons ago.

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