Sunday, January 10, 2010


A few years ago I watched a movie called, "Lovers and Other Strangers" and became completely enchanted by a couple of the songs on the soundtrack. (The movie is all fine and well, but it isn't amazing. And I am NOT about to believe that Cloris Leachman is old enough to be Anne Meara's mom, no matter what you tell me. 3 years does not a big enough difference make, stop with the lsd, people in the 70s.) (Maybe I misunderstood their relationship, because that really makes no sense.) Anyway, before I returned the movie to Orem Public Library (my favorite library for movies ever) I jotted down that the band that performed these delightful little pieces of oh-so-70's folk/pop was Country Coalition. I figured I would be able to find their stuff on a cd or digital download. I was SO WRONG. Apparently, these guys were a one-soundtrack band, and the soundtrack was never put on CD.

I set off on the grueling task of finding a copy of the record that would be in good shape. I found a copy in a record store in Toronto, of all places, and then digitized it, and promptly put the three songs on my iPod, and have been able to jam out ever since.

Today, I saw this photograph

I vow to you, my friends and readers, that if this is a real record, I will find it, and I will buy it.


Michael and Natalie said...

Wow. WOW.

beckie said...

Is that Burt Reynolds?

Melinda said...

That's one of the best cover pics I've ever seen! Ha!

deanna said...

pure sex

lulu123 said...

please let this be real. please.