Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My 2010 Planner.

For the past four years I have been using the Moleskine planners. Last year when I bought my planner, it no longer had a hard cover, and I discovered that it was made in China. So, last September I started trying to find a replacement. I narrowed it down to a Smythson diary, and a kitschy little make it yourself kit from Red Velvet Art. I figured that since I am getting old, and have this year decided to let my subscription to Teen Vogue run out, I would get the kitschy planner this year, and opt for the GORGEOUS, handmade goodness of the Smythson next year.

So, the kit I bought months ago, had this kind of stuff in it:

And, I put it together inside of an address book - because I am so the girl that needs a binder and more structure than a felt and yarn contraption. It doesn't look so contrasty in real life.

I also need more space to scrawl my life than just a month at a glance page, so I used the address spots for each day of the year, plus a spot for notes.

I've been adding little ridiculous details to it about every day, like this envelope pocket.

We'll see how well I use this as the year progresses. The old reliable Moleskine was the only planner I've been able to stick with through out a whole year.

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