Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cop Out.

Last weekend, before my dear friend Becky left the country for a few weeks, we went to see Youth In Revolt. We found the movie pretty enjoyable, (Sheeni's adorable dresses and her room, and the pipe organ in the trailer equal good times) and as if I didn't have already have an emo crush on little Mikey Cera...Francois Dillinger = SO MUCH AWESOME. SO MUCH. During the previews, we were starting to feel a little apprehensive about our movie choice - should we have gone to see Avatar like everyone else in the world? - because the trailers we were watching were for movies so NOT aimed at our demographic. One of the movies advertised was "Cop Out" a new buddy cop movie directed by Kevin Smith starring Bruce Willis, Seann Williams Scott, Adam Brody, and Tracy Morgan. So many people I like, but the trailer looks awful.

When I saw this trailer and the name of the movie, I thought it very much resembled the kind of movie Tracy Jordan, Tracy Morgan's 30 Rock character, would be in. His imaginary IMDB page would include the titles, "Honky Grandma Be Trippin'," "President Homeboy," "A Blaffair to Rememblack," "Who Dat Ninja," "Samurai I Amurai," and most apropos "Black Cop/White Cop," where Tracy played both the black and white cops, (tagline: one does the duty, the other gets the booty). All movies that sound bad. The two Tracy Jordan movies that made me laugh the hardest don't have names. Tracy described one as a Western he made without leaving his car and an animated movie he made with Shaquille O'Neal he made without leaving his house. I couldn't find the clip of it, but it goes something like:

Octopus Tracy: Boy! I hope we rescue the Starfish King on this adventure!
Squid Shaq: That would be a slam dunk.
Octopus Tracy: Would you call what we did last night sex?

So, Cop Out...I'll probably watch this movie - but I'll wait until it hits the cheap theaters or is on DVD - only because I hope it has lots of moments that remind me of Tracy's 30 Rock movies. (Also, Adam Brody is in it. Hello.)

While trying to find the animated clip, I came across this video, the full version of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. I think it is delightful.


lulu123 said...

i miss arrested development...sigh...

Britt said...

i want a "like" button for blog posts for when i have nothing cool to say.