Friday, January 1, 2010


I have long been looking for a nail polish that is not toxic. The brands that are offered at health food stores are all glittery and in horrible, tacky shades. Today at Ulta I found Sula paint and peel nail polished that is water based and doesn't have any of those horrible chemicals that seep into your body through nails and skin. I got a few of the colors, specifically teal and kelly. On my way home, waiting for a train to pass I pulled a Lindsay Bluth and painted my nails in the car. I'm kind of a big fan.


Britt said...

hey! that's so awesome. let me know how the peeling part goes.

sara said...

thank you for the arrested development reference.

Shlee said...
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Shlee said...

I made a typo. Second try:

Can I get Sand in Your Suit color in this brand? If not, I'm not interested...;)

But seriously, where can I buy??