Sunday, January 3, 2010

Note to karaoke self:

-Neither you nor Shara know "Motownphilly". Just because you know a smidgen more than Shara does not mean you should hop up and grab a mic. DO NOT EVER attempt it again. Even if there is no one there, like tonight.

-Similarly, don't sign up for songs you haven't listened to in years. There could be long instrumental breaks, awkward keys, or any number of disastrous things you aren't prepared for.

-You also don't know how "Midnight Train to Georgia" ends*. (Gladys and the Pips would be so sad) And talk-singing is only a good idea for William Shatner and Rex Harrison.

-You do know "Mercy".

-Next time sign up for "Shoop". (You KNOW that.) But not "The Shoop Shoop song" that is in a bad key for you.

*LONGEST ENDING EVER! And the karaoke screen had lyrics I've never, ever heard, and I've listened to that song lots and lots.


Britt said...

At least most karaoke listeners are usually drunk, and therefore an awesome audience regardless?

exclusive_remedy said...

I am so sorry that I never got to come but I was at work when you called me and then I had to run out to my previous engagement (it was nothing spectacular - but it sounds great when I say it like that right?) Okay, I will be gone Jan 13-25 but I want to come after that.