Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speaking of Drunk, or A Doodle For Becky.

I was on hold for a while today whilst pasting random things into my journal (i.e. picture of Jason Schwartzman & the ugly collage) and ended up doodling about flip cup. Betty Ford, here I come if I ever switch from water.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Molly is confused for ______________ on a regular basis.

1. being drunk
2. having three children
3. being younger than 17
4. being smart
5. being a bigger bitch than she is

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

June 2, 1997: EXTREME Loathing.

Actual Journal Entry: Episode 3

Names have not been changed, because the owners of said names will never read this.

So, the other day the stake had a youth activity at the beach. It was pretty fun. Pretty uneventful as far as what Alana and I had planned. Oh well.

The worst part was I had to ride back with Becca's sister, Beth who just got home from a mission. We'd never met before, and instead of talking in the back with Brittany and Kalee, I was stuck in front, not really talking, not really doing anything except riding, while Beth listened to "More Than Words" on repeat the whole trip back from the beach. THE WHOLE TRIP. ONE SONG FOR THE WHOLE TRIP! Who does that? I used to like hearing the guitarist's fingers scrape against the strings changing chords in that song, but oh my gosh, if I ever hear that song again I will probable go into cardiac arrest. An hour and a half of Extreme, (and it certainly was!). Sure, I get that she didn't get to listen to fun music on her mission, but oh my gosh, listening to the same song over and over again, especially in front of innocent bystanders is just cruel. Especially "More Than Words". Who does that?

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Untitled Office Spin-Off.

Whilst looking at the fall line up I was reminded of the murmuring of an untitled office spin off. Now after seeing the Season Finale, here are 5 guesses:

1. The show will star Ryan, in Prison for fraud, and it will be called "The Yard". Ricky Gervais will be his awkward cell mate, and the man with the escape plan that never really pans out. It's going to be more "My Name is Earl" in prison, than "Oz" but, overall, totally unwatchable. BJ is a producer on The Office, afterall. (But I have to agree with Oscar that the beard was the real crime.)

2. The show will star Toby, being an HR person somewhere in Puerto Rico, or wherever he moved. It will be canceled after 2 episodes because it will also be totally unwatchable.

3. The show will focus around Jan and her adventures in being a crazy woman and new mom (zany things like her trying to breastfeed after her boob job). This won't air, because it won't even get funding to make a pilot.

4. The show will have the exact same character types, but take place in an office in Seattle. Or Slough, Berkshire.

5. The show will be Pam running around becoming a graphic designer, realizing that she has the potential to be so much more than a receptionist at Dunder-Mifflin. It will be eerily similar to when Rhoda left the Mary Tyler Moore show to have four seasons of "Rhoda". We care about Pam enough to watch her show, sure, but a new show means that either John Krasinski will be doing double duty for the duration of what I will call "The Pam Show" or, she will find a new love interest, (Toby?) (a third option could be pulling a Darrin Stevens on us, but that'd be completely uncool). If Jim and Pam don't get together then, well, screw you guys. But, can I please remind you that "Rhoda" was never a great show (Valerie Harper, I love you) and MTM wasn't ever as good without Rhoda. i.e. don't mess with a good thing NBC.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My boyfriend, the homeless guy.

Last night whilst looking for a parking space my friends and I passed a group of buskers on the street. Oh my gosh, one was so attractive. I then said something that surprised me: "That homeless guy in the overalls and the fedora with the flower is so cute." Shara then informed me that he was probably not homeless (apparently I judge people wearing overalls off of a farm - among other groups of people - overall, not a good idea.) something about how homeless people don't have amps. The subject was dropped until we were going to pass the men again on our sojourn for parking. Ryan brought up the fact that I (and I'm using a euphemism here) was going to get excited as we passed the musicians again.

"The one with the flower?"
"You're into the brothers?"
"Um, who isn't?"
"Is it just because of the stereotype?"
"I'm going to pretend that I don't know what you're talking about."

Seriously, busker man outside of Powells last night, you are a handsome man, even in your overalls. If you have a phone, or a job, please call.