Sunday, May 26, 2013

showstealer pro trial version

trial version has expired - click here to purchase full version - HILARIOUS.

Officially just finished season 4. I won't give any spoilers (I will however say I totally knew something in episode 3 that was revealed in episode 12.) but I will say that I agree with Tobias and I think that having matching luggage is romantic.

Speaking of luggage. I have to confess that after I saw that I had the same suitcase as Carrie Bradshaw I felt kind of like a Carson Daly-sized tool. Not that I liked it any less, but there were certain pangs of guilt associated with my love for a while.

Guilty pleasure no more. Now that I know that the F√ľnke's each have one, I feel like I am just fine.

Now, go finish season 4 and let me know when you're done so we can talk about it.