Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad Christmas Music

In the same vein of someone tasting or smelling something disgusting, and then insisting on sharing it, "Oh my gosh, this is so gross. Try it!" I must share with you some of the most horrifying music I've discovered this Holiday season in a retail environment.

Huckapoo's Wild Christmas is perhaps the most obnoxious with it's infectious, bubbly beat. Listen to the lyrics and you'll raise an eye brow or two.

As if Fountains of Wayne weren't already horrible enough, they had to go and record Alien For Christmas.

Guster, I used to kind of like you, even though I never knew it was you. If I hadn't been over you since Keep It Together, I certainly would be now. On Pasty! On Pesky!  I do however still think your drummer is super cool.

And there is a version of the perennial annoyance, I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by some girl that sounds like Ashlee Simpson trying to be Gwen Stefani that is superbly awful, but I can't find it anywhere online - thank your lucky stars.

There have been some pluses,  I have learned all of the words to the Christmas Waltz, a song I didn't know existed until this year, and I am kind of digging on a couple of tracks from Christmas Remixed like Bing Crosby's version of Jingle Bells and Kay Starr's I've got my Love to Keep me Warm. Mostly I remain completely jealous of the kids at the Benefit counter with their cool - non holiday music, like Prince, Delaney & Bonnie and Lady Gaga.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Remember when there was a girl named Molly, who would regularly post on this blog, and then all of a sudden, with no discussion or warning disappeared for two months? Well she's back. And she hopes to post some interesting and amusing things for you, to make your wait and all of your comments about her absence vindicated.