Monday, August 30, 2010

Catalog Living

Sometimes I find something that is so good, so wonderful that I wonder how I had lived a fulfilling* existence before that special something had entered my life. This time, that special something is the genius blog, Catalog Living. A blog featuring images from the delightful catalogs of places like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, and a caption explaining how a fictional family is living in the space or vignette.

I was directed there by the Sundance Channel blog SUNfiltered, and immediately giggled, and giggled some more. Some examples:

So, so good.

*Jury's unfortunately still out on that one.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Before & After: shutters

We happen to have a small truckload of shutters in our attic, just waiting to be utilized, to replace the beige and grey metal mini-blinds that came with the house -- EEK! The problem is, these shutters are a little past their prime, and not the right sizes. With a little creativity, a table saw, biscuits, glue, a clamp and some paint and primer, one of our windows is transformed from grey non-functioning metal to charming painted shutters.

Before: the shutters were a little loose, very dirty and aged.

After: they have a new lease on life, and a whole new sense of purpose and functionality.  And thanks to the hinge I attached, it opens up all the way, letting light stream in.

One project 100% complete - now to finish up the rest of them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have You Heard?

Months and months ago, Ali emailed me "Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and I promptly fell in love. Last week, Shara and I were talking about Mumford and Sons and our conversation came around to this song, and specifically, this video of this amazing song:

We were confused by the guy from Ima Robot's "be healed" hold on his little gal pal, and very puzzled by the feather head piece/ flock of seagulls hair on the trumpeter. And by puzzled and confused, I mean thoroughly entertained.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shame on you, Vogue.

My September issue had been sitting in its plastic wrapping waiting patiently to be opened for a few days. When I finally did tear it open and sit down for a quick flip through and I got to page 668 in the article about Charlotte Casiraghi, I found an appalling mistake.

In writing about Charlotte's grandparent's - Princess Grace and Prince Ranier - wedding, Mario Testino wrote that "The groom wore a sword, the bride a high-necked froth of lace made by Edith Head, who costumed her movies" which would be a fine, if not flowery sentence if it were true. Grace Kelly's dress was designed by Helen Rose, who also costumed her movies. Edith Head was at Paramount and Grace had a seven year contract at MGM, but was frequently lent out to other studios. As part of MGM's deal to let Grace break her contract and leave Hollywood for Monaco, they insisted that Helen Rose, MGM's Edith Head, would make both her civil and religious ceremony wedding dresses.

(I was able to see this dress at the Victoria & Albert this spring and it is beyond gorgeous in real life.)

My main problem with this sort of blatant error in Vogue is, you call yourself reputable, this would have been remedied simple fact checking. And, what about the times when a subject is less well known to me and you have this sort of error. I might believe you, and then be absolutely wrong myself. Wow, Ms. Wintour, Mr. Testino, I expected more.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Mollister?

Today at church, whilst discussing blogs with long lost friend Whitney, I told her that my blog url is mollister etc. And like at least 16 other people before her, she said, "like molester"? No, actually, Whitney, I'm not a molester, and I am not legally required to stay away from schools or playgrounds. It's just based on a nickname a few friends gave me. Other options could have been 'Moll Factory" "Molls" "miss moll" or "hey you, girl" -- Mollister is just the name I chose many, many moons ago.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Things Friday

 It's time for another five!

1. This cover of Life Magazine that I saw in Sweet Dee's apartment on Always Sunny. Kind of thinking I need it on my wall.

2. Kelly Ripa's Fashion Finder - Now I never have to suffer through any of Regis to learn what the delightful Kelly is wearing - that's a good thing!

3. Levis Pioneer Sessions - My friend Deanna emailed me about these free and delightful songs months ago - I promptly downloaded a couple, and then have subsequently downloaded more and more, and they add songs all of the time. How I love Raphael Saadiq's version of "It's A Shame" - he's come a long way from Tony! Toni! Tone!

4. Sticks and Bricks - I LOVE THIS BLOG! I emailed Liz aka Carpenter Ant a while ago about how she learned to wield a router and hone her craft so magically and she was as nice and informative as I could have hoped for. Such a sweet and talented lady. I am constantly inspired by the transformative power she harnesses on pieces that need a lot of love.  i.e. this before and after:

and this dresser with beautiful routed flowers:

5. Hermes' j'aime mon carre - because you know I do!! I love that Hermes is going for the younger crowd, and gunning hard to make scarves popular again. I'm there, Hermes, I'm there (with my Kelly in tow!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Words With Friends

I am seriously, seriously addicted to Words With Friends, and so glad that my cousin Julia told me about it. When my dear friend Jen scored 76 points with "zippy" I thought that was amazing - still do - but then I scored 143 with "agenetic" the next game, and I knew that I was sold on this whole virtual Scrabble game.

Do you have this app? Play with me - my screenname is Mollister! And I promise, I won't ever score 143 points on one word again.