Thursday, March 27, 2014


Most of the 8th graders at my school are reading The Book Thief right now. So, when one of my favorite 13 year-olds left me alone with her copy and her binder I hid the novel and left a note that said, "I stole your book: The Book Thief. #Literal"  Then a couple of hours later while I was driving home, I passed a chicken who was trying to cross the road. This happened. I hadn't ever seen chickens on that very busy road before or since, but on that very special day, it happened. *

*At Tiffany's wedding last weekend when someone I'd never met before started talking about how much milk her children consume (you'll be happy to know I kept my opinion that that amount was far too much to myself) and then said she should buy a cow her kids drink so much. I said, "Urban chickens are so popular, maybe you can be a pioneer in the urban cow movement." She was not the slightest bit amused. We are not meant to be best friends. Urban cows!**

**Please give your cows room to roam around and don't bring them in to urban or suburban settings. Thank you.