Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mormon Standard Time

On Wednesday night I got a couple of emails from the same person who asked me to pray all of those times, reminding me of a meeting I was supposed to attend tonight. The first was, "sorry for the late notice, but here's a reminder about the meeting tomorrow at 8." (Which I thought was strange since we had settled on 7 at the last meeting.) The second was, "actually, let's stick with 7. See you tomorrow." Cool.

Right now, I am standing in the church parking lot at 7:06. Why am I standing in the parking lot, and not, you know in our meeting? Well, the doors are locked, the lights are off, and no one is answering their phones.

I am someone who is incessantly late to church. Something about our 2:00pm start time leaves me completely incapable of getting to church on time. But this meeting, scheduled for 7:00 on a Thursday night? I was three minutes early to. Unfortunately, no one was here to see it.

I just got off the phone with prayer girl, and she and her friend whose name is a homophone for Hitler's ideal race (who seems like a delightful enough person, but I find it hard to shelve my conjectures of her parents being either white supremacists or completely ignorant) are on their way from the airport. ETA 10 minutes. Hopefully someone with a key will show up. Shoot, hopefully anyone on our committee will show up.

At least it is a gorgeous and sunny evening.


So, we finally got said meeting going, (at 7:30!) and there was a new guy from Vancouver there and when we were talking about the Sunday meeting, and I raised concerns over a repeat of last year's craziness*, he made some comments about how he thought girls should shower more. And I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not. I was so hoping that prayer girl would do a repeat of her sitcom-infused "awkward," but alas... no dice. We all just looked at him confused and went on to another topic of conversation. 

*Specifically the crazy middle-aged woman who got up to speak in Relief Society before our lesson. But, Analee, don't think this gives you permission to go up to awkward engaged guys with great hair and tell them I want to touch it.

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John said...

maybe he meant bridal showers? you know, to celebrate? bridality? the state of being a bride? The only other explanations are either sexist or creepy, so I'm going to go with that.