Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#9 Plant a Tree

One of the things I had left on my list of things to do before 30 was plant a tree. How is it that a girl from Oregon has never planted a tree? Well, I am what you call an "indoor girl." 

In the grand project of "Operation House Proud" I haven't spent any time outside trying to improve curb appeal. And when I saw two little trees sprouting up on the left side of the driveway, I thought, "I should dig those up and replant them before they get roots and break up the driveway." And of course I didn't for like two years. Over the past couple of weeks I have been spending a lot more time than usual outside working on the front, back and side yards. And though there are a million things I'd rather be doing than yard work, it is getting done, slowly but surely. Part of that getting done, is that I dug up the two little trees, now about three feet high.

I started thinking about how not only is that not planting a tree, it is taking two away. I'm creating a tree deficit, and I could just not do that. So, where to plant them? The wetlands next to my house had ground that was impossible to dig into, so we ventured into the woods in my neighborhood. We planted those little guys where hopefully they can grow and hang out with their new tree acquaintances and woodland friends.

Today on a jog, I cruised by and took pictures of these two little guys, who seem to be doing okay,  a couple weeks later, which is good news. 

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