Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My appologies to Geneva.

So, tonight at trivia, the team sitting next to us was a young couple and their team name was "first date." After the final round, before the scores were announced the female component of this couple started chatting with us, asking if we came every week, etc. I then encouraged them to come back next week. "Your name could be 'second date.'" As the girl's face went from joviality to terror, I quickly added "Or not. No pressure." Unfortunately, the whole bar heard this interaction and giggled.

They left shortly after that, but the girl stopped back in and asked if she could come be part of our team sometime, Annie took her card and we went on to the tie-break round (and then won, but not because Eggs - our good-spirited rivals - didn't give us a run for our money.)

I just felt really badly about making an awkward first date even more awkward. But, on the other hand, I feel like I personally would not have named our two-person trivia team "first date" if it was in fact our first date.* How about, "trivia newbies" "the new friends gang" the classic "Team Cobra." Or A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. but what it really was. But still, I need to say I'm sorry to this non-couple, whether she's our new friend or not.

*Although that's a pretty make-or-break first date. You have to work together and potentially compromise on one answer. What if one of you is an idiot, but very confident and you feel like you don't want to be mean. Or what if the other person doesn't give the team who you are grading points for the correct answer of what the trees are called in Lord of the Rings because, the falsely think it is Enths, instead of what they really are Ents. I'm just saying, deal breakers abound.

 On a side note, ANYONE IN PORTLAND WANT TO COME TO A WES ANDERSON TRIVIA NIGHT WITH ME ON THE 16TH? My team members are either out of town or don't particularly care for him. All I need is someone to sit with me. Trivia, like drinking, is not healthy when done alone.

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