Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from your friends on Craigslist.

One of my favorite things to do online is troll Craigslist. Voyeurism -  it is such guilty pleasure. Some people watch Reality TV, but ever since the first time I discovered these ads, I occasionally read these personals to see what kooky things people will come up with next--and it is a hoot. And what better day to check up than Valentine's? (Especially when I spent the evening with my brother and a friend at a PubQuiz.)

Here are the guys I responded to*:
keepin it real: 

My favorite part of his ad, aside from typos of course, was the super awesome lighting scheme in the living room! Nothing says style quite like black leather couches with under car lights. He knows what he likes and he embraces it. That's great!

Would like to meat someone fun:
I really like that this guy is honest and upfront about his needs and desires. That's really attractive.

I have to say I was hoping that this next one would have been more like a how-to article instead of a question. Some of us have the exact same question, my friend.
How to get sexual needs met when inhibited, socially awkward? - 46

I did not send this last guy a response, he's clearly too much of a downer for me. If you want to be bored with and pity humanity because they are pathetic, that's fine I guess, but really, that's your opener?

Needle in the hay stack - 40 (Portland)
...and what a hay stack it is. I'm Scottish and proud of it. I'm educated and do not suffer fools easily. I'm bored with humanity and can't wait for the "festivities" to begin once again. I'm always fine in every way. I don't need permission to live or to be. My rights are natural and I fear nothing but cowardice. I pity most of people because they are truly pathetic. Is there a woman on this Martyr's day who wants to meet a real man?

*Disclaimer: I didn't ACTUALLY respond to any of these fine people. I feel like I should be honest with you.

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deanna said...

Why have I not done this search before? I adore you.