Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Cadbury Gorilla

Last night I was with my friend Becky at a mattress store for her to buy a new and super comfy mattress. As we were chatting it up with the very personable sales staff, "Human Nature" by MJ came on -- one of my favorites. One salesman got all excited when it came on, and then tried to test me by asking me who sings it. I answered him, and then we started singing it together.

At the Mattress Store by Molly P on Grooveshark

A few minutes later, mattress purchased, we were going to leave and INXS came on the hi fi. (Speaking of songs I love!!*) I started singing it, and then of course air-drumming because that song demands air drums.** I was promptly told that I looked like the Cadbury Gorilla. It is in these instances when I am so glad that smart phones exist. I then watched the commercial and decided that that is a pretty fair comparison, although Phil Collins is not my jam.

*Again, I never said I had good taste.
**I play the air drums with great skill, tenacity and the true spirit of rock and roll, but having never even sat behind a "there drums" drum kit, I cannot say whether or not my natural drumming ability would translate.

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